Since it became its own manufacturing brand, Ram has quickly become synonymous with powerful performance, value, and rugged reliability. The vehicles that it makes are built to last throughout the years and give owners some of the best car-owning experiences available. Let us at JT Automotive tell you more about the many benefits of owning a used Ram in Fort Bragg and Durham today.

Long-lasting Durability

Ram vehicles are built to endure for years, much longer after they were initially manufactured. Many pre-owned models perform just as well as their brand new counterparts.

Further, used Rams offer durability that makes them ideal for driving in just about any driving condition around the Sanford and Raliegh area. They can be driving out in the off-road, such as in fields and through pastures, as well as on city roads and highways.

Impressive Safety

Used Rams are packed with safety features that often rival the same features found in newer Rams. Some standard safety features that come with used Rams include:

  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Side mirror turn signals
  • Rear view camera
  • Lane keeping assist
  • Front collision warning

Many pre-owned Rams also come with pedestrian detection and post-collision warning systems that alert 911 if you become involved in a wreck.

Solid Performance

Pre-owned Rams are designed to offer you the highest level of performance available in the industry. It is common to find used Rams that are capable of towing thousands of pounds easily. Many of the used Ram models also have powerful payload capacities that let you tow heavy cargo.

They also offer ample seating and can accommodate anywhere from three to five passengers driving in Fayetteville. They are ideally made for work driving. However, they also can be driven as family vehicles too.

Good Driving Experience

Finally, pre-owned Rams offer a pleasurable driving experience around Greensboro. They are built to cancel out road noise and soften bumps and jostling. They come with spacious interiors with soft upholstery and USB ports so that you remain connected and comfortable during every ride.

Learn more about the benefits of owning a used Ram. Test drive one today at JT Automotive.

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