Trading in your vehicle can be a difficult decision. There are many reasons why you should trade your car in to a dealership instead of trying to sell it yourself, and here are a few of our most important ones.

The first reason: save on taxes on your new purchase! If you’re purchasing a vehicle at a dealership, you don’t pay taxes on the value of your trade-in. This brings the final price of the vehicle down even further than your trade-in amount.

The second reason: you’re saving your own time. If you value each hour of your free time at perhaps $15 an hour, and you spend even 10 hours of your time dealing with potential buyers, you’ve saved about $150 worth of your time. If you value your time at a higher price per hour, you’re saving yourself that much more.

Additionally, with each passing day, your car is losing value. If it takes you months to sell your car, you’re putting more mileage on the odometer and more wear on the parts.

The third reason: you’re keeping yourself safe. If you trade in your vehicle to a dealership, you don’t have to invite strangers to viewings, or risk your life in a terrifying test drive of your car. With payments, you never know if a stranger will try to rip you off or provide you with fraudulent information. A dealership will keep your information secure and will keep to their word on contracts. You aren’t gambling with when you’ll get paid!

If you want to see what your car is worth, feel free to use our True Cash Offer from Accutrade. If the price seems right to you, you can bring your car in and it will be a guaranteed purchase.